Monday, May 31, 2010

BUSYbee=sneakpeak. Sex&theCity2

I have been tooo M.I.A from the blogger and youtube society, it hurts me. I may be graduating soon, yes JUNE 8th lovess, but I still have to deal with finals, and a whopping ten-page essay:( Also, my dilopia (eyes looking in different directions) has made me insecure in making videos since my eyes have been bulging out..trynaaa take care of that problem! Also, I have been working a lot more sincee i need to make that $$$. I've cut back on the partying sooo I could focus on my priorities, but I still kickback with friends, such as goingg to SANTAcruz which was fun but it was RAINY.

Friends have been coming for me to do their make-up, and so far I haven't been charging since i'm a sweetie:) hehe.

Well heres a sneakpeak of my Senior Ball 2010 <3 (May 22,2009)

(Tia-mariee and our dates, it reminded me of a pic of FRIENDS)
I did Tia's makeeupp and mine as well. She wanted a Hot pink Malibu look, so I smoked out pink and purple in the eys. And Well mind was obviously inspired my Marilyn Monroe<3

Eventhough, it recieved rather poor reviews, I still loved it! I watched it with my girl, Luchitaaa, after work and I surprisingly found all my girls there! It was just fabulous watching all of the beautifull CLOTHES,SEX,FASHION,TRAVEL. The idea of four strong independent woman, not only taking on NYC, but now the middleeast was empowering. It was a bit dreary and long towards the end, but the begining was strong since who wouldn't love a gay wedding? I just hope my life will be as fabulous in the future, or even more:)

time for *muah* to catch some beauty sleeepp.
Nite bellas.