Monday, December 29, 2008

NEW SPECS/Prada BAGs/ future plans

HEYY yall. Hope you bellas all had a splendid and fabulous CHRISTMAS, mine was awesomee; We just spent it at my Uncle Quin's house..there was no tree and few presents but I enjoyed it nevertheless! There was sooooo much delicous food, oh my goodness aha, i def loved Ga Ri with the BREAD, and the CHE. YUMYUM. Earlier that morning my mom, lil sis and uncle had to pick up my dad from the airport ( idont know but I just love going to the airport! aha) Anyways, I'm happy because he brought home two gorgeoussss GUCCI BAGS :) and a Fendi bag for my mom. There all fake but they look pretty darn real to me!

The day after Christmas, we went to T.J Maxx to look for some trench coats, but we couldn't really find any. Next we headed down to Oakland to visit my new baby niece Angelina <3, it sucks cause she has to stay there for a few days. After that we went grocery shoppin' around and ate our ever so classic Vien Huong:) the won ton soup was the bomb! Next we drove home to my Auntie Dung's house to chill and eat dinner.

Saturday I didn't really do much :(. Yesterday I watched HS3 with Emily, my lil sis and the movie was alrite since the quality was kinda bad since it was bootlegged!

Today I went to Kaiser so I can pick out some new specs, and I picked out some glamourous, rhinestoned, chocolate brown BABY Phat ones :) Very very happy with my choice and also I can pick it up within 3-5 days! Also I'm going to go to SF on Thursday with some buddies so that will be fun :)


1) GET IN SHAPE-at least shave off 5 pounds! (Take my yoga class and eat healthier..odwalla! aha)

2) Work on my ARTWORK/DESIGNS more. Start crackin' on my sketchbook and take an art class at D.V.C

3)GET A job , yes I need a steady job with steady money! APPLY to a lot of places!!

4) BOOKS; READINg.. make a BOOklist and start reading MOREE books again!

5) A more confident, self-dependent ME, that doesn't need a man to hold her down. I should have fun, flirt, date and whatever happens, happens..I'm still young so I should have no need of waiting around for that *g (that never makes the effort to hang out!)

**bye belllaassss

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


WOW has days gone byy.. its CHRISTMAS :). Sadly this christmas our family won't be expecting that many gifts from each other since we are all kinda *broke. But its mostly about great food and family and I think that is what makes a AWESOMEE xmas!

Anyways for some updates: My sister's boyfriend Jesse had brought Emily a whole Wii System! Its awesome since I've been really exercising on it..aha no joke! Also on Sunday I was playing Wii with the cousins at my Aunties and running the I somewhat worked out this break!! Also there I tried HALo Halo Icecream and it is soooo delicious, it tastes like Che Ba Mau!! Its a Filipino delicacy. THe sad thing about this break is that nothing planned has been going the way i wanted too :( . BUT its okayy gotta remain positive!

FINALly, today I get my computer back since it has been gone for a few days because my brother had to clean it/ There was a majorly HORRIBLE VIRUS on this poor thing so my brother had to clean EVERTHANGG out which includes every picture,song, and essay :(. SOO it might be a sign of starting over aha (2009)

Today, I'm proud of myself for actually doing some of my chem hw

well thats just been some of my updatessss. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. geez i feel sooo random and scattered brain aha. I really want some PHOO

*oh by the way since Tina got a new camera,I mighttt recieve her broken one but its blurry to shoot videos soo still unknown!


Friday, December 5, 2008

HEYY yall/ MOB- "Most Official Bitches"/ BRITNEy CIRCUS

->WEEKEND and its been sooo long, I have so much to do but kinda procastinating all them such as hw!! SO i haven't been up on the blogger for such a longgg time. I've been busy with school, and friends etc. So sad, that I haven't been called for any interviews just i hope I'm not still a "BROKEmaterial girl". I've turned in a few appli. but i guess I have to wait it out and see and apply for more. Finally ate at "I love TErriyaki" and it is damnn good! the tempora,phili, spider sushi is yummo and spicy terriyaki chicken!........

ANYWAYS I just wanted to let you know that Britney's BACK bitch!! And I don't care about any of you haters!! lol. Her new single "CIRCUS" (new music video) is pretty damnn good.. it showed like it was put in a lot more effort! and also the song Shattered Glass is my favorite too!

**So I'm not sure if any of you ladies have heared of the underground brand "MARRIED TO THE MOB". No ladies its not about trying to be *gangstaa or whatnot, the purpose of this brand is to show the equality of women and men, MOB-" Most Official Bitches" and its all goood that we ladies like to get our *hustle on too, and should be celebrated through that. It's bold and wile and unapoligizing. That's why I'm drawn to it;p.
**I like how they do collaborations with Nike( they created the nike dunk supreme collaboration) and FAFI which are my two favorrriiites<33 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">** i like these dunks because there soooo personalized! butt the material and color seems like it'd dirrty fast. but its still SEXY--> i just wonder where you can get them and how much?
**I had no idea that the icon that I got for my myspace of " FAFi mob" was based on this shirt and I totallly spazed out when I saw it at Up Against the WAll!!!

ALSo quit notice any of you ladies are planning to get the Mineral Power (finishing veil) in the compact, I suggest not because..for me it was very dry and chafy!! but maybe its just me.

ALRITE PEACE>love>unity