Wednesday, December 24, 2008


WOW has days gone byy.. its CHRISTMAS :). Sadly this christmas our family won't be expecting that many gifts from each other since we are all kinda *broke. But its mostly about great food and family and I think that is what makes a AWESOMEE xmas!

Anyways for some updates: My sister's boyfriend Jesse had brought Emily a whole Wii System! Its awesome since I've been really exercising on it..aha no joke! Also on Sunday I was playing Wii with the cousins at my Aunties and running the I somewhat worked out this break!! Also there I tried HALo Halo Icecream and it is soooo delicious, it tastes like Che Ba Mau!! Its a Filipino delicacy. THe sad thing about this break is that nothing planned has been going the way i wanted too :( . BUT its okayy gotta remain positive!

FINALly, today I get my computer back since it has been gone for a few days because my brother had to clean it/ There was a majorly HORRIBLE VIRUS on this poor thing so my brother had to clean EVERTHANGG out which includes every picture,song, and essay :(. SOO it might be a sign of starting over aha (2009)

Today, I'm proud of myself for actually doing some of my chem hw

well thats just been some of my updatessss. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. geez i feel sooo random and scattered brain aha. I really want some PHOO

*oh by the way since Tina got a new camera,I mighttt recieve her broken one but its blurry to shoot videos soo still unknown!


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