Monday, December 29, 2008

NEW SPECS/Prada BAGs/ future plans

HEYY yall. Hope you bellas all had a splendid and fabulous CHRISTMAS, mine was awesomee; We just spent it at my Uncle Quin's house..there was no tree and few presents but I enjoyed it nevertheless! There was sooooo much delicous food, oh my goodness aha, i def loved Ga Ri with the BREAD, and the CHE. YUMYUM. Earlier that morning my mom, lil sis and uncle had to pick up my dad from the airport ( idont know but I just love going to the airport! aha) Anyways, I'm happy because he brought home two gorgeoussss GUCCI BAGS :) and a Fendi bag for my mom. There all fake but they look pretty darn real to me!

The day after Christmas, we went to T.J Maxx to look for some trench coats, but we couldn't really find any. Next we headed down to Oakland to visit my new baby niece Angelina <3, it sucks cause she has to stay there for a few days. After that we went grocery shoppin' around and ate our ever so classic Vien Huong:) the won ton soup was the bomb! Next we drove home to my Auntie Dung's house to chill and eat dinner.

Saturday I didn't really do much :(. Yesterday I watched HS3 with Emily, my lil sis and the movie was alrite since the quality was kinda bad since it was bootlegged!

Today I went to Kaiser so I can pick out some new specs, and I picked out some glamourous, rhinestoned, chocolate brown BABY Phat ones :) Very very happy with my choice and also I can pick it up within 3-5 days! Also I'm going to go to SF on Thursday with some buddies so that will be fun :)


1) GET IN SHAPE-at least shave off 5 pounds! (Take my yoga class and eat healthier..odwalla! aha)

2) Work on my ARTWORK/DESIGNS more. Start crackin' on my sketchbook and take an art class at D.V.C

3)GET A job , yes I need a steady job with steady money! APPLY to a lot of places!!

4) BOOKS; READINg.. make a BOOklist and start reading MOREE books again!

5) A more confident, self-dependent ME, that doesn't need a man to hold her down. I should have fun, flirt, date and whatever happens, happens..I'm still young so I should have no need of waiting around for that *g (that never makes the effort to hang out!)

**bye belllaassss

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