Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My about me

Forget the fairy-tales, the myths, the rumours and the fog. Underneath the thick layer of dusk is a revived, unborn woman slowly unleashing her own path of beauty into everybody's heart.

Monday, August 24, 2009

MY RAndomness VLOG

SUMMERS almost coming to an end for me:(....my College buddies already started their classes. well this was my VLOG yesterday! aha. I also have my ORIENTATIOn today, wish me luckk for the classes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random adventures at work:D

at b and c.


setting: addie. nate. angelo. zach. paulo.kimly

Addie and I are excited to go to the Mac promo event:D


k: " Hey Pauloooo....soo tell me about what you said about make-up artists to me when you were working" (grin)

P: -_- silence ..you can tell them.

K: "Lets just say he talked about witches. wizard of oz and I'm melting.

We all look at Paulo (awkwardness)

Angelo: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (cursing. cursing)

Caused everyone to laugh (random expressions)

Everyone else: either telling Angelo thought you were going to stop cursing..or Paulo we hate you were about to go to a Mac Promo event.

(were some wierdass co-workers. love 'em to death) but i cant work there no mooo.

Friday, July 24, 2009

LOTD. FOOD coma. whasians<3.twitter

Just got back from another food coma at my Auntie's house. It was to welcome my Whasiaaann cousins, theyre cooll,nerdy, but i likee camilee that global child! There were FOODgasms that consisted of mouthwatering strawberry/chicken salad, Seafood and tofu stirfry Noodles, Bo Kho (beef curry) with french bread. Che (bean coconut pudding). It was delisshhhh. My mom literally had to moniter what I had to eat cus I couldn't stop chomping on something. I had to get some food to go!!

(grabbedd this fruit tooppinnn jr.mint ice cream on the goo! yes im a fattie;)


*MAC Mythology e/s (as allover lid
*Matte Brown from loreal (crease)
*Urbandecay Smog e/s (crease)
*UD sidecar e/s (innercorner)
*UD perversion e/s (outer v)
*UD Midnight cowboy e/s (highlight)
*revlon Colorstay eyeliner

**gonnnaa watch REVRUN online ofcoursee. NITE lovely

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

SLAPPED back to reality:D

Yes I have been in the midst of nothing but horrible drama with friends, family, so called "boyfriend". BUT time to LET IT ALL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and express my emotions in the things I love to do:D

ANYWAYS NEW MAC COLLECTION : COLOUR CRAFT= yesssss. thats a collection that I would be willing to spend some serious DAMAGE on. OH its so lovely just looking at them.

I'm really feining for the MAC mineralize eye shadow especially the girlish romp!! but i love all of them ahhhh. BIGGEST MAKEUPgasm.

Monday, May 11, 2009


LETS just sayyy it was a night to remember:D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dangg where have I BEEN?

WELl I've have been doing my FREE TWO WEEK pass at twenty four hour fitness! tryna get rid of them LOVE handles girll, and get toned enough for SENIOR BALL which is on SATURDAY!I"M hyped. Well, I love how most of my guy friends are bodybuilders so they train meee. I'm on my fourth dayy!

INCOMING videossss:


--->> sorry super busyy with planing ball, and gym.

I went to SUSHI last night for my Besties BDAY. Yummm DAMO SUSHI...well I'll be posting the pics sooon!

CIAO fabbies.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

TO TALLY MIA/ lash treatment?

I have a majorr question to ask all u bloggers out there! So far I feel like my natural lash line has been really fading..and I literally have very few lashes then I had before, I lose them soo easily :(. And no mater how much liquid eyeliner I use it doesnt look natural?. I really want to try a lash enhancer

I've been browssing this japanese site http://ohayousa.com/
and I ran across this product

Pinksbeauty Pink's Magic Lash (P)
So they claim:
Pinksbeauty Pink's Magic Lash is a treatment type mascara that makes your lash growth volumizer, thicker, fuller, and longer. This is the first-ever lash enhancing product that has been specially developed to work. The gel contained in this small bottle is so concentrated that you need only apply once a day. There's no trick-simply apply this as you would with eyeliner. You can also be applied on eyebrows. Make-up, including mascara, can still be safely applied twenty minutes after using this products. This dramatic look can be achieves in as little as 45 to 90 days. Must be applied nightly to achieve maximum results. You will see perfect eye lashes will come back.
You should use this if you want thicker eyelashes, have thin or shor eyelashes, have a difficult time curling lahses, want to stop using mascara, or expect fuller eyelashes.

Price: a whopppinnn $110!!! and there is a diffrent one for asian eys i believe that is for $150.

VERDICT: should I trust this product enough to buy it?

**Well anyways i have been totally MIA from the blogger world:(. Chemistry and math is really kicking me in the ass no joke! Anyways...I also have been working three to four times a week: 6-hour + shifts at this Bubble and Crepe place (we make yummy tapioca drinks!) but then my boss still owes me Moneyyyy aHH totally venting. And with that i have boy issues; how they are just as scandalous as girls i mean come on now! Next to add that I am actually doing the Multi-Cultural (VIETNAMESE) at my school, but our practice has been progressing really slow and I'm nervous how its going to be since were doing the fan danceee and drumssss...( I can't find the video of what it looks likeee damnn..

well NITE lovelysss:)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arabian Inspired LOTD


-Loreal Cream Paint Base in Secretive
-MAC Amber Lights e/s (all over lid)
-MILJO in Rum Pearl e/s (plum/red/gold color)on crease
-Lucky Tom (on outer V)
-MAC Creme Royale (as highlight and inner corner)
-Loreal Hip Cream Liner in black (WING it out)
-FALSIES from Vietnam


-Loreal True match foundation and powder in W4
-Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer in buff
-MAC Blushcreme in blossoming
-MAC Beauty Powder Blush in Enough Said
-MAC Bronzer in Refined golden

-NYX round L/s in Chambord
-MAC lustreglass in Ornamental

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hello Kitty Haul + MORE

Wow I've totally procrastinated on my essay for english due tomorrow! I guess I have to ditch my English Class :P but I FINALLY uploaded my first video on youtube! It's not perfect and I have No idea how to edit it!

WELL ANYWAYS here is the vid. and picssss;D


-HK Lip Conditioner in PINK FISH ( I LOVE soo moistrizing!)
-MAC 'ENOUGH SAID' BEAUTY POWDER BLUSH (great natural blush for a glow)
-MAC DEEP SHADE (blonde brunette collection)
-MAC AMBERLIGHTS (beautiful bronze color)

LIPPYS: NYX Round Lipsticks and V.S Beauty RUSH glosses

These lipsticks are only $1.99, what a steal! I got this when I went to the Great Mall in Milpitas but you can also purchase them at cherryculture.com. They have a very nice creamy finish, but I prefer to finish it off with a gloss for a more plump finish:D
-NYX:(BM2, Indian Pink, Chambord, Frosted Flakes)
-V.S: I want Candy and Neval

Thursday, February 26, 2009


HEY all:) Well, anyways today I went to Tarjayyy, hayyy haha. and I purchased many things from Loreeallll, a sonia kushek brush and the Garnier Frutis Eye rolling thingy haha.

(SASSY) I absolutely love how all of these eyeshadows are so pigmented and bright<33!


On Tuesday I slept in, so I had to makeup my math quiz alllll by myself! I failed it! But Last friday I skipped school and ate delicious THAI food with my sister. Also, I went running on Sat. morning! I need to work that in my schedule so I will do that daily!

ALSO, I finally got a PHONE yesterday, yes all my hardwork of working payed off so now i can afford a phone, even though it is from 'getro' haha. ITs a gorgeousss shiney RAZR cheaaa... I picked the "everything" option but I just gotta pay monthly:)

I know you're going to be disappointed in me, but I dropped out of my Aerobics class:(. Well, lets just say it gave me an awesome workout since it was soooo intense! BUT it was damn early, I mean 8:00? i just kept on sleeping in:(, so i was kicked out!

my small MAC haulage:

DEEP SHADE and AMBER LIGHTS ( I LOVEEEE these colors, the first one is from the brunette collection!)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

month of LOVE/ junior prom plansss!

HOOLAs yall. So yes, today has been a fairly gooddd DAy for me! I got to transferrrrr out of Pre-Calc finally, and now I have F.S.T. ALssooo theres gonna be TWO 3-day weekends in a rowww coming up. I'm sooooo excited to go eat CUPCAKES IN THE CITY this SUnday with ma girl Elissa! CHEYEA. I have work tooomorrow..gotta get crackin' to remembering the drinks :)

Yesterday I was bored so I did a smokey eye look, over my daytime make up: Bourjois Smokey trio e/s

SULTRY-ness <3

MY gorgeoussss Baby Phat specs <3

**Anyways I hope alll of you went to DENNYs on tuesday morning! I sure did to grab a hot plate of the Grand Slam for FREE at like 6 in thee morning! Thank god my friends saved us some seats cus the line was crazzzyyy! Also that night, I finished the TWILIGHT SAGA, which I'm kinda sad...cus the books were sooo Irresistible! Anyways my next to reads are ------------->

I read the first few chapters, and I'm hooked :)

isss on MARCH 21rst, coming up soooooon! Well I'm still contemplating on who my date shall beeee. My friend Nate wants to go with me, but we'll see hehehe. But I found this adorable FUNKAY dressss, that I might get!

I LOVEE the CHEETAH sequins! and its soo DIFferent and fresssh!

**anywayss.. I have a FAT chem test tomorrow so I better get crackin' on the book! ALSO i got busted today for using my sister's Sony Cybershot, I really like that camera! ughh EMILY! I might save up for one, and a mac book. and I still need a phone! aha

CIAO bellas

Thursday, January 22, 2009


UGHH i hate my old ass web browser! it Hecka didnt save anything that I just wrote and It was a lotttttt!

Anyways as you all know I *was reading TWilight (finished in 5 days) finished when I was watching all the OCEANS movies and now I am reading The New Moon (the 2nd book to the saga) and ouu is it intense! I borrowed it from my friend yesterday and I am already 330 pages deep! hehe. EVERybody has to read this SEries its too good, not too!

Well Last friday I trained the whole day by my girl Addie at Bubbles and Crepe. I made a lot of bobas is *learning how to make crepes, I make a mean Thai Iced tea! I'm training again tomorrow! Saturday and Sunday I babysitted so that meant no partying:(, oh well i got some extra $$! Monday I went to a study group in front of Borders for Pre-calc, later we got some Cocoa Swirl and I got a delicious Musubi!! i love thosseee ahh. Also I was like speaking Viet with the guy that works there aha. My YOga class didn't workout because its in SANRAMON! yeahh so no. So I will take an AEROBICS class on Saturdays, I am gonna get soo fit! Jessica and I decided to get some Quicklys after and the Popcorn Chicken and waffle fries were DA BOMB! Yesterday, I went to my bestie's house and Today too after D.V.C

Tonight I have to study for CHEMISTRY and make a study sheet. THANK goodness tomorrow is the last day for finals! YAYY. Today I had Eng,history and Yesterday I had Span, and Mathh. Just want to get it alllll over with..

This weekend is TET (Vietnamese New YEAR!)= good food and money! hehe. And I am going to eat Pho with some friends on Sundayy.

UGLY BETTY tonight =<333 ( i had to catch up today at d.v.c!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BACK in 2009-updates/ pre-finals week/OPI nailpolish/

Sryy for another longg oh long delay. I've been soo preoccupied with a bunch or prepartions of studying for finals! I am currently working on my "Fafinette in Outerspace" Sketch-Painting that I have to get done by the end of this week! oh GEEz! Today I had to study with my friend for our Pre-calc Study guide. I have finally made it clear that I am transferring out to FST or T.A for my Art teacher.

*(Also I have decided to skip brunch and only eat salads for lunch, part of my healthy lifestyle..and I have gained up to be a whoppin' 130 lbs! geez. I am working on working off 10 pounds!)

Last Friday, I went with my homegirl Tiffany to Mount h.s, (I made new friends:]) I greeted all her friends and she says I'm outgoing, so thats a plus! I saw two fights there...but I really like that school because its so much more diverse! We all decided to walk to "I love Terriyaki" and I finally tried the famouse "spicy chicken terriyaki" and I fell in love!! but the sushi is definitely good there too! Tiff and I quickly took the bus back to her place, we stopped by my friends house and then headed to the mall. Came back and I watched Stomp the yard at her place.

For Saturday (too bad I couldn't go to the city with homies) and Sunday I ended up babysitting Be Tho who is 4months old and very difficult and whiny!! But I ended up catching 100 bucks for that weekend and the upcoming one. Last Monday I tried the best chicken tenders ever; Dom had persuaded me to try it and it is crispy and juicy and its at TARJAy? yeah! Tuesday I grabbed kinders:)

The last week of break: On tuesday, I went to watch Marley and Me with Gabe (Finally!) because Twilight was so packed! When he dropped me off I ended up being locked out of the house, cus of no keys! So thank god for my Chinese neighbor Susan!

**Wed. Nite I went to my friend Rayan's New Year's Eve and I tried HOOkah for the first time! I got hammered before the countdown off of greygoose and Hypnotiq and I threw up 3 times!! but I had fun:)




**Saturday I headed over to my girl Moe's house to do her make-up (smokey look, but her eyes were so hard since there was not crease at all and they were really small but I managed!). After the party we headed to play pool.


SOME OF USS (some left to the other party!)

CURRENTLY reading: Twilight by Stephanie Meyers (finally its in stock!) I already read 50 pages and I just got it!

**sad I missed A new UGLY BETTY season premiere episode last week, I can't watch it here because no sad on this damn pc!..maybe I'll head to dvc tomorrow with headphones! aha

MY new foundloves are: strawberry cream chees + Pita chips/ OPI Nail Polish- Pompeii Purple (magenta pink with purple/blue undertones and it lasts forever with the Revlon). Going to repaint it with diff. color tho.

VERY long updates geez. BYES. and I want new sneakahs! aha