Thursday, February 5, 2009

month of LOVE/ junior prom plansss!

HOOLAs yall. So yes, today has been a fairly gooddd DAy for me! I got to transferrrrr out of Pre-Calc finally, and now I have F.S.T. ALssooo theres gonna be TWO 3-day weekends in a rowww coming up. I'm sooooo excited to go eat CUPCAKES IN THE CITY this SUnday with ma girl Elissa! CHEYEA. I have work tooomorrow..gotta get crackin' to remembering the drinks :)

Yesterday I was bored so I did a smokey eye look, over my daytime make up: Bourjois Smokey trio e/s

SULTRY-ness <3

MY gorgeoussss Baby Phat specs <3

**Anyways I hope alll of you went to DENNYs on tuesday morning! I sure did to grab a hot plate of the Grand Slam for FREE at like 6 in thee morning! Thank god my friends saved us some seats cus the line was crazzzyyy! Also that night, I finished the TWILIGHT SAGA, which I'm kinda sad...cus the books were sooo Irresistible! Anyways my next to reads are ------------->

I read the first few chapters, and I'm hooked :)

isss on MARCH 21rst, coming up soooooon! Well I'm still contemplating on who my date shall beeee. My friend Nate wants to go with me, but we'll see hehehe. But I found this adorable FUNKAY dressss, that I might get!

I LOVEE the CHEETAH sequins! and its soo DIFferent and fresssh!

**anywayss.. I have a FAT chem test tomorrow so I better get crackin' on the book! ALSO i got busted today for using my sister's Sony Cybershot, I really like that camera! ughh EMILY! I might save up for one, and a mac book. and I still need a phone! aha

CIAO bellas


FuN and MakeUp said...

such pretty pictures! very lovely.. thanks for droppin by my page =)

xppinkx said...

Hey doll

i read that book...i was hooked too...but for me it kinda got repetative...I MEAN stop being an ass and kick your habit already!!!! but anyway your sweet and 16....nice and cute dress

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey chica! i was wondering if you still wanted the two MAC eyeshadow suites and the mineralized shadow since i hadn't received payment yet. could you let me know by tomorrow if you want to purchase so i can let others know if it's still free? thanks!