Thursday, February 26, 2009


HEY all:) Well, anyways today I went to Tarjayyy, hayyy haha. and I purchased many things from Loreeallll, a sonia kushek brush and the Garnier Frutis Eye rolling thingy haha.

(SASSY) I absolutely love how all of these eyeshadows are so pigmented and bright<33!


On Tuesday I slept in, so I had to makeup my math quiz alllll by myself! I failed it! But Last friday I skipped school and ate delicious THAI food with my sister. Also, I went running on Sat. morning! I need to work that in my schedule so I will do that daily!

ALSO, I finally got a PHONE yesterday, yes all my hardwork of working payed off so now i can afford a phone, even though it is from 'getro' haha. ITs a gorgeousss shiney RAZR cheaaa... I picked the "everything" option but I just gotta pay monthly:)

I know you're going to be disappointed in me, but I dropped out of my Aerobics class:(. Well, lets just say it gave me an awesome workout since it was soooo intense! BUT it was damn early, I mean 8:00? i just kept on sleeping in:(, so i was kicked out!

my small MAC haulage:

DEEP SHADE and AMBER LIGHTS ( I LOVEEEE these colors, the first one is from the brunette collection!)


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