Monday, May 31, 2010

BUSYbee=sneakpeak. Sex&theCity2

I have been tooo M.I.A from the blogger and youtube society, it hurts me. I may be graduating soon, yes JUNE 8th lovess, but I still have to deal with finals, and a whopping ten-page essay:( Also, my dilopia (eyes looking in different directions) has made me insecure in making videos since my eyes have been bulging out..trynaaa take care of that problem! Also, I have been working a lot more sincee i need to make that $$$. I've cut back on the partying sooo I could focus on my priorities, but I still kickback with friends, such as goingg to SANTAcruz which was fun but it was RAINY.

Friends have been coming for me to do their make-up, and so far I haven't been charging since i'm a sweetie:) hehe.

Well heres a sneakpeak of my Senior Ball 2010 <3 (May 22,2009)

(Tia-mariee and our dates, it reminded me of a pic of FRIENDS)
I did Tia's makeeupp and mine as well. She wanted a Hot pink Malibu look, so I smoked out pink and purple in the eys. And Well mind was obviously inspired my Marilyn Monroe<3

Eventhough, it recieved rather poor reviews, I still loved it! I watched it with my girl, Luchitaaa, after work and I surprisingly found all my girls there! It was just fabulous watching all of the beautifull CLOTHES,SEX,FASHION,TRAVEL. The idea of four strong independent woman, not only taking on NYC, but now the middleeast was empowering. It was a bit dreary and long towards the end, but the begining was strong since who wouldn't love a gay wedding? I just hope my life will be as fabulous in the future, or even more:)

time for *muah* to catch some beauty sleeepp.
Nite bellas.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Junior Prom 2010 MAKEOVERS

Whoaa, today was one exhausting,busy but fun day. I suppose my make-up gigs have been piling up one after another and work until ten!; since i enjoy doing make-up and my friends can see I have some creative talent I suppose aha. I've just been giving free make-overs: Club events,Prom,Dates ( I should start charging!! ahaha)

At first I was only suppose to do my girl Alisa, but other girls wanted me to cake them up too since they saw how good it looked! aha and my pay was tacosssss lmfao

KRISTINA "Smokey TAUPELESS showgirl look"- my filipina/chink girl had lovely featuresss and flawless skin already; I enhance her eyes by adding more defined crease, and she didn't want her eyeshadow to match her blue dress.

PRODUCTS USED: Sallys Airbrush foundation in medium, NARS Orgasm, MAC Enough Said blush, NARS e/s Pallete, PIXI Eyeliner, NUDE ROSE lipstick in MAC (just to name a few)

ALISA-"BLUE Mermaid Look"- Since her dress was a mix of different hues of blue I had to do a blend of colors

PRODUCTS: Maybelline 24 Hr. Foundation (in caramel?), Napoleon Powder, variety of bronzers, Revlon Blue quad e/s (colorstay), MAC typographic ,Urban Decay Electric EEl, Loreal Fairest Nude, MAC dazzleglass in baby sparks?

LIANA- "Soft Coralnista"- she wanted a soft, spring look

PRODUCTS: Sally's airbrush foundation, Nars orgasm, Pallodio shimmer bronzer, Sephora Pallete (gold,pink,brown), Rimmels Coral shimmer l/s (which I LOVE on her) made her look very sweet.

** my SONIA KASHUK stippling brush gave them that air brushed look for foundation. If you beaauty junkies haven't copped one, it's a must have for highlight also and its more than half the price of MAC!

Today was a good learning process for me, since I worked on several girls at once on a short period of time; THERE beautiful PROM pics with their dresses and dates will be updated soon.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MAC Spring COLOUR forecast tutorial/ haul and TET

Well, last saturday I made an appointment for a consultation for the new collection and got MY make-up did, had to wait so long because it was PACKed. so many makeupFANATICS. I wasn't too hyped on the girl who did my make-up so I won't post a pic becuase I wanted my girl SOPHIE.

**But I definitely reccommend the COLOUR 4 quad and Colour me Coral lipstick if you want some neutral form the collection, but I really love the pigmentsss but dislike the stackable jars!

(See how pigmented these shadows are! I lalalove the highlight-manila paper)

(Colour me Coral w/cha cha l/g)

**Lets just sayyy I've been dedicated! Hips thighs and ABS class baby--> trying to get my body to the way it use to be

Friday, February 12, 2010


I have knowwww idea how my video was so tweaked and it cut off the last part! Well my eighth most worn was my white leather GUESS tote; I love it because I can put anything and everything gin it!

I tag anybody that wants to do it! I want tooo see whats your favorites or most worn things:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010<3-NEWme,happier, and MOTIVATED

**WoW, 2009 has flown by and this has been one crazy,excting,loving,heartbreaking,and learning year for me. I've grown a lot from this year and nothing should bring me down for 2010 babyy; no unnecessary drama or bitchassness just stayingMOTIVATED.

For New Year's Eve I was called in to work (currently working at ANCHORblue for seasonal;) ) and haddd tooo do my girls' makeupss: Luchita and Patty since they were going out to a Club Event they wanted something special for the occasion;)

Patty's Smoked Bronze

(I didn't want to give the girls both silver smokey eyes according to their outfits, so I gave Patty a golden bronze that really brought out her skin color)

Luchita's Silvery Smokey Eyes

(I made sure to use an adhesive base so the glittery eyedust and stick, and she was a falsie virgin!)


anddd for myself, I wanted to go PINK (MAC sushiflower,starviolet, magenta pink and matte brown for outter V)

MY New Year's EVE (no clubbin or drinkiingg like last year, this was a SOBER one with fam)

1) Get back in SHAPE-->goalweight, I've gained a whoppin tennn pounds and I miss my lean figure! The Holidays will definitely get you, if youre not carefull..
2) Keep in touchh with myy friends and famm ( i already do that !)
3) Improve on my creative skills: art,makeup, nails etc.

well, BELLAS..wish ya'll a FABULOUS year <3