Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MAC Spring COLOUR forecast tutorial/ haul and TET

Well, last saturday I made an appointment for a consultation for the new collection and got MY make-up did, had to wait so long because it was PACKed. so many makeupFANATICS. I wasn't too hyped on the girl who did my make-up so I won't post a pic becuase I wanted my girl SOPHIE.

**But I definitely reccommend the COLOUR 4 quad and Colour me Coral lipstick if you want some neutral form the collection, but I really love the pigmentsss but dislike the stackable jars!

(See how pigmented these shadows are! I lalalove the highlight-manila paper)

(Colour me Coral w/cha cha l/g)

**Lets just sayyy I've been dedicated! Hips thighs and ABS class baby--> trying to get my body to the way it use to be

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follow me cuhs im def following you! u got skills girl! do you work for MAC?