Friday, January 1, 2010

2010<3-NEWme,happier, and MOTIVATED

**WoW, 2009 has flown by and this has been one crazy,excting,loving,heartbreaking,and learning year for me. I've grown a lot from this year and nothing should bring me down for 2010 babyy; no unnecessary drama or bitchassness just stayingMOTIVATED.

For New Year's Eve I was called in to work (currently working at ANCHORblue for seasonal;) ) and haddd tooo do my girls' makeupss: Luchita and Patty since they were going out to a Club Event they wanted something special for the occasion;)

Patty's Smoked Bronze

(I didn't want to give the girls both silver smokey eyes according to their outfits, so I gave Patty a golden bronze that really brought out her skin color)

Luchita's Silvery Smokey Eyes

(I made sure to use an adhesive base so the glittery eyedust and stick, and she was a falsie virgin!)


anddd for myself, I wanted to go PINK (MAC sushiflower,starviolet, magenta pink and matte brown for outter V)

MY New Year's EVE (no clubbin or drinkiingg like last year, this was a SOBER one with fam)

1) Get back in SHAPE-->goalweight, I've gained a whoppin tennn pounds and I miss my lean figure! The Holidays will definitely get you, if youre not carefull..
2) Keep in touchh with myy friends and famm ( i already do that !)
3) Improve on my creative skills: art,makeup, nails etc.

well, BELLAS..wish ya'll a FABULOUS year <3

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