Thursday, January 22, 2009


UGHH i hate my old ass web browser! it Hecka didnt save anything that I just wrote and It was a lotttttt!

Anyways as you all know I *was reading TWilight (finished in 5 days) finished when I was watching all the OCEANS movies and now I am reading The New Moon (the 2nd book to the saga) and ouu is it intense! I borrowed it from my friend yesterday and I am already 330 pages deep! hehe. EVERybody has to read this SEries its too good, not too!

Well Last friday I trained the whole day by my girl Addie at Bubbles and Crepe. I made a lot of bobas is *learning how to make crepes, I make a mean Thai Iced tea! I'm training again tomorrow! Saturday and Sunday I babysitted so that meant no partying:(, oh well i got some extra $$! Monday I went to a study group in front of Borders for Pre-calc, later we got some Cocoa Swirl and I got a delicious Musubi!! i love thosseee ahh. Also I was like speaking Viet with the guy that works there aha. My YOga class didn't workout because its in SANRAMON! yeahh so no. So I will take an AEROBICS class on Saturdays, I am gonna get soo fit! Jessica and I decided to get some Quicklys after and the Popcorn Chicken and waffle fries were DA BOMB! Yesterday, I went to my bestie's house and Today too after D.V.C

Tonight I have to study for CHEMISTRY and make a study sheet. THANK goodness tomorrow is the last day for finals! YAYY. Today I had Eng,history and Yesterday I had Span, and Mathh. Just want to get it alllll over with..

This weekend is TET (Vietnamese New YEAR!)= good food and money! hehe. And I am going to eat Pho with some friends on Sundayy.

UGLY BETTY tonight =<333 ( i had to catch up today at d.v.c!)

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