Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random adventures at work:D

at b and c.


setting: addie. nate. angelo. zach. paulo.kimly

Addie and I are excited to go to the Mac promo event:D


k: " Hey Pauloooo....soo tell me about what you said about make-up artists to me when you were working" (grin)

P: -_- silence can tell them.

K: "Lets just say he talked about witches. wizard of oz and I'm melting.

We all look at Paulo (awkwardness)

Angelo: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (cursing. cursing)

Caused everyone to laugh (random expressions)

Everyone else: either telling Angelo thought you were going to stop cursing..or Paulo we hate you were about to go to a Mac Promo event.

(were some wierdass co-workers. love 'em to death) but i cant work there no mooo.

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