Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy Bumble Bee

This summer has defnitely been a hectic one. Even though I went to Los Cabos San Lucas in the first week of August, between starting a new job, a five-hour speech class, and trying to purchase a new passport that I had lost! I managed to balance everything out...

But I wanted to let you ladies know, that I have been working at H&M, yes one of the most fashionable European (affordable) clothing stores in the U.S! It's amazing, the co-workers are all diverse, cultured and amusing... but the customers can definitely put you to work. I sometimes don't get out of the store until 12 a.m. But money=$$$.

I am also proud to say that I got a high "A" in my speech class! It was an intensive couse, that was 5-hours long, 4 days a week... try balancing that our with work. But I'm content with my completion:)

So what have I been partaking beside school and work, well a few shopping sprees to SF DT, a baseball game, Santa Cruz, lunches with friends...nothing too crazy. I do miss going out, I just never have the time too.

*NAKED PALLETE: I'm late, but I LOVE IT. I don't really wear that much dramatic looks to work, all I need is a pallete of neutral/earthtoned shades and I'm good to go.

Los Cabos, Mexico was amazing. Although the weather was extremely humid. We stayed at the Royal Solaris Resort, 4/5 stars. The food, beaches and people were amazing. I'm several shades darker, and a few pounds heavier but it was all worth it <3


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