Friday, February 3, 2012

Love= Distance?

In his hands, he's holding a piece of paper that may change the course of the future of you two forever. It was no surprise that he got accepted to the one ivy league school he's always dreamt of going to. You're ecstatic and overjoyed for him and his achievement, but then you begin to realize that the school is in Massachusetts while the school you're about to attend in in California...As you congratulate him with a sweet embrace, you begin to feel heavily guilty for not wanting him to go...

Since the first encounter, you relished in the idea of dating a strong man who serves his country and the gratituity that you express when he makes time to show his devotion for you. After months of establishing the foundation of your intimate relationship, the date that you've been dreading creeps up. It is the day he is leaving to Iraq. The bags of his clothes and few belongings are packed and set in a corner of your room. You've discussed the possibilities of making it work and the countless letter and pictures you'll be sending him overseas. You tell yourself that you can survive the 6 months. But you never discussed the possibility of it not working. As you clutch onto the army green uniform at the terminal, tears trickle down your cheek and you kiss him. You kiss him as if you'll never see him again...

As you're watching your beautiful woman stride across the stage to receive her diploma from her completion of the four years she's worked so hard for to attain...imagery of her and you begin to blur. But you can't help but to feel down. Although you've promised one another a lifetime of loving one're both on separate pages. You see her rush to you with her hand holding on to her cap and gown as she jumps onto you and wraps her hands around your neck and plants a delighted kiss. Within an instant, she melts away your doubts.

You've been aware of the job proposal that she received in New York, but you couldn't force yourself to think about it. She's climbing higher and higher towards her ambitions while, you're still stuck working grave-yard shifts as a security guard. Face it, she's going to leave you regardless how much she proclaims her loyalty for you. With the thousands of miles between you is inevitable...Should you be the one to break the saddening news, or shall you wait for her to...

Although these three contrasting stories are fictional, the theme that carries through-out their relationships is not. Weighing the balance between the scales of distance and love, is a scenario that countless couples have to unfortunately experience each year.

The issues of infidelity, lost of chemistry, or incompatible personalities ...but you would be more in control of the situation then watching your loved one board a plan to live in another state.

(still to be continued. etc.)

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