Saturday, June 4, 2011

Color me Happy

So far in good ol' Cali, summer weather has been much disappointing. Non-stop raining in the month of June? Oh my, we must have made mother nature mad. Surelyyy, I wanted to slap some color on my face to brighten my day to boost this melancholy mood:)

Vibrant lime green, golden yellow, mangeta pink, and smoked out blues, and name a few. Why not Color me happy?

(lipstick : Milani- Hip Rose ; My favorite hot pink l/s!)

I was playing with the Coastal Scent's Pallete/ Star's Make-up Haven and I am in LOVE. The colors are so well-pigmented, and the color pay-off is amazing. I bought it solely to use it on my clientele when it was "Ball" season, but of course I had to model some looks on myself first. <3

(I purchased the Double layer pan 42 e/s and blush pallete in Shimmer)
-->The glitter wasn't too chunky as I thought and it was an absolute buy for 24 bucks! Ladies need to snatch one, its not exactly a practical pallete, but the colors are addicting to play with!


Mother Nature, please bring back the sunshine and heat for me this summer; I'd very much like to playyy in the sun!

Hope all you beauties is having a wonderful summer regardless!


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Anonymous said...

You are freakin gorgeous! oh to answer your Q: EOS lotions can be found at Ulta!