Friday, October 31, 2008

HAPPAY halloween all/STYLE IDOls

SADly i didn't get to dress up this halloween:( but next year Imma definitely go alll out!! aha. I just kicked it doing various things today. eat out and kickit with budddies

*SO YEAH VOTTTTTe; its so IMPORTANT. I care about what goes on in my society and I hope you do tooo!!! Everybody can make a difference, so don't complain if didnt vote!

MY fab/inspirational

KERI HILSON; she's gorgeous efforlessly; but I love her funky yet classiness essence that she brings. THe bright colors make her pop without makin' her lookin' too much!
JESSICA ALBA; She always has a type of relaxed but never lazy vibe of her clothes and it always makes her look top-notch when she's not even trying! I love the sophisticated/gorgeous/relaxed style of hers.
RIHANNA; I love how she can always pull of the most crazy pieces and yet it fits so well. THe colors and textures of fabrics that she uses is TOO gorgeousss. she can go from FUNKy to classy in an instant. ( this dress is stunning on her!)

**I love these style idols because they can be very versatile.

ANYWays. yes.. I am going to go cuddle up and watch a movieee:) fun. and read my FAV Memoirs of a geishad. I really want to go to the movies on sunday and see "BODY of LIES" with Leonardo Dicaprio!!


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