Thursday, November 6, 2008

FAll:) updates

HOLA bellas.
So this is awkward since my mom is sitting next to me 'cus she needs to use the table aha. Anyways, I have got the book The Kite Runner yesterday and I am already 50 pages deep; pretty chill so far just discussing his (Amir's) social grounds and his childhood between his friend. Today after school, I stopped by D.V.C. to grab a bite; Kinder's Pastrami/swiss sandwich + Arizona Mango tea = <333. Man that was good! I'm happy that I got an a on my math quiz! but that class is soooo DIFICIL! Also yesterday I recieved my report card and it was ehhh. worst grades i ever had because I never recieved a D ever! I'm def. bringing my grades up, you best believe yall!!

This week has been rainy and coooold. Too cold..I can barely wake up in the morning aha! Also, I've been eating out lately too; yummy Pho on Monday. Today I did a Fall Purple look and I really liked it, It def. brought out my eyes!

Tomorrow since I won't be going to hist. class in the morning, I will be studying for my chem. test at d.v.c and eating yummy donuts or something!! I really need to get in shape. I will probaly list a plan or schedule or when and what I will do to get in shape/probaly will do it with a buddy!

ALRITE. peace out<3 OBAMA for president. IS our president:D (history changing!)

*I need to go wash up and read the kiterunner. mann my toenails to need to be cut. aha

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