Friday, November 21, 2008


Yay, today is finally friday and I get a whole week without school.. ahhhh. CANT wait to just gobble down a turkey! So I have now began reading A Thousand Splendid Suns (thats my next book, since I don't have access to the others on my book list). It is pretty good so far but its just the beginning aha.

Today I stopped being lazy about my job applications and I finished filling them all out because today I walked to Longs and back to pick up an application. Hopefully tomorrow, I can go to the mall and drop off all of mii applications. *(I definitely did something daring this week in my love life.. I made the first move, very direct but I am proud of myself whatever the outcome is!) My friends had to pretty slap me in the face to tell me to just be BRAVE. aha.

When I get a jobbb.. I really need to get a PHONE; Most likely Metro PCS because it is a very simple, affordable plan. The phone I have been eyeing is the Samsung Messenger r450 RED= $200. I really like the qwerty keyboard and sleek design! So hopefully if I land a job soon, I will save money for this baby right here. then after that will be...
2) CAMERa=$200
3) LABTOP (Macbook) = $900-1000
*4) A sExayy DESIGNER bag

-Turn/get Job applications
-Read the entire novel
-Do several sketches/art in sketchbook
-H.W (done by Mon.)

----HAVEEEE funn derrr.

Ciao Bellas

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