Monday, November 10, 2008

FOURday weekend!!<3

HEYYall:D. So yes I have been doing a lot these past days. aha. Anyways

TODAY. I chilled for most of the day, Went with my sisters to run errands then ate Chinese at the Green Garden, DELISh.

Yesterday (SUn.) I didn't really do anything at all except sleep. aha

Saturday I went to my friends bday party. I curled my hair.. and did pink makeup (many compliments). FIrst, We got some I love terriyaki for kim, picked up Mai, then headed for SUSHI!! WE got hecka lost tho aha. I ate a very yummy Spidder sushi roll..there was hecka! Daph for so nice to pay for all of it. Then After that we all headed to play pool. Later we headed to the movies to eat cake ahaaa. HELLAghetto. Some people had to go home. But we watched Role Models. HIlarious MOVIE!! My friend Ryan dropped me off. Anyways I have a new potential bf; Alvin, he thought I was hella cute and he likes me :) No wonder he was like rubbing his sholdiers against mine in the movies, and he kept tryna talk to me!! HOLLLa. Im going to be attending his 19th bday party!

Fri- I didnt go to 6th period in the morning; Went to D.v.c Cafeteria to study for Chem test! I bought a yummy chocolate donut; it was fairly relaxing!! Then got some trolli eggs! aaha

**so yes. I really need to be doing my hw!! MAYBe tomrrow Im going to do hw. workout. and quicklys with my fren DOM! so YUPz

gonna go watch Memoirs of A geisha lattter.

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