Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DVC break:D. with DOmmy!

Well, since my brother is being so lazy I am currently at the D.V.C library chilling/doin' my hws with my bud dom. We split a turkey kinder's while sipping over some Arizona. I'm so EXCITED today because a UGLY BETTY fanatic whom I can blog about after the show, His name is Soloman and he said that he would call me Thurs. nite so we can discuss our beloved show! sooo... excited! lol. I was suppose to go to Spanish tutoring today but ehh I'll go tomorrow. LOL. I got a f++++. its an improvement, aha, on my math test.

so my recent nuveesss has to be

ARIZONA SWEET TEA ( I just tried it today and its suuper good!
KINDER's SANDWICHES ( recently only got them at d.v.c but still delish!) -sad I couldn't find a pic of an actual sandwich!

ANYWAYS I have been reading a really good book as you know, The Kite Runner. I'm pretty much a lil over half-way done! So far I would define it as tragic, filled with regret, guilt and redemption. It's so sad how Hassan died before meeting Amir again. Amir was probaly heart-broken to know that he can never say sorry or mend up the way things ended between them, but now he can be "good again" by saving his son. :D. ahhhhh can't wait until what happens. This novel is definitely in one of my favorites!
* idef. want to see the movie, after this book!!

**I have to leave the librarryyy so PEACEE & LOVEEE.

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